Mischa Lampert Triple Trouble- white/grey/charcoal/silver fox poms


Mischa Lampert Triple Trouble- white/grey/charcoal/silver fox poms


design | the triple trouble is named for the three poms that frame the hat: one xl on top and two regular on the bottom. the large triangle ears of Mischa Lampert’s longest running hat with ears will hug you close and keep you warm, even against cold winds and the snowiest of winter days. our recommended piece for ski resorts, whether lounging or speeding down the slopes.

size | regular - 22.5"

Storage :

The wool is delicate and we recommend that your hat is stored in a plastic or silk/satin bag, one that does not tug on the wool. this will protect it from pilling and from attracting lint. 

 Maintenance :

To refresh and moisturize the wool we recommend using dry oil hair spray. we spray it on all our hats prior to shipping. use as needed.

Cleaning your hat :

spill something on your hat? we recommend professional dry clean only. you can also spot clean with a soft damp towel. 

please do not wash your hat or put in the washing machine! 

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