Mischa Lampert Flap Hat- white/black blend


Mischa Lampert Flap Hat- white/black blend


Sporty and versatile, the Flap is Mischa Lampert’s newest street style inspired hat with ears.

size | regular - 22.5"

Storage :

The wool is delicate and we recommend that your hat is stored in a plastic or silk/satin bag, one that does not tug on the wool. this will protect it from pilling and from attracting lint. 

 Maintenance :

To refresh and moisturize the wool we recommend using dry oil hair spray. we spray it on all our hats prior to shipping. use as needed.

Cleaning your hat :

spill something on your hat? we recommend professional dry clean only. you can also spot clean with a soft damp towel. 

please do not wash your hat or put in the washing machine! 

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